Hello! My name is Jill Pelto, I am an Artist and a Scientist.

I am 25, and I grew up in Worcester, MA. I lived in Orono, Maine from 2011-2018, and recently moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico (in September 2018).

I completed a Masters of Science in August 2018, focused on studying the sensitivity of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to changes in our Earth climate system. I underwent this degree at the University of Maine, where I also completed B.A. degrees in Studio Art and Earth Science.

My love of nature drives me to creatively communicate information about environmental issues with a broad audience. Iā€™m passionate about outreach and collaboration. I have conducted research on the mountain glaciers of Washington and British Columbia, in the Dry Valleys and Transantarctic Mountains of Antarctica, over the rolling hills and carved cirques of the Falkland Islands, and around the aqua lakes and ochre mountains of New Zealand. 

I see nature as a work of art, and the origin of my observational skills. I enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing, reading, running, camping, and spending time with my friends and family. I make art inspired by all of these experiences. 

I am available for collaborations, commissions, and discussions.