Moments of Observation: I believe that spending extensive time in nature encourages the development of observation. Within the sunglasses you can see the image of the glacier landscape, reflecting the graphical lines that denote where the glacier used to extend only several decades ago. The figures are taking the time to look and to reflect. Each of them may be noticing a different change in the glacier, but they are all taking in its retreat. It is important to pay attention to what is happening on our world; be aware, open to learning and understanding.

The majority of the text is collaged at the terminus of the glacier. It is piling up there, like debris that has moved and been carried along by ice and meltwater. As the ice continues to recede, more of these texts, representative of more issues, would emerge. When an alpine glacier quickly melts, it leaves behind a mess of rocks mixed with the sludge from saturated glacial flour (ground rock). It creates a treacherous zone where any step could give way to a boot filled with mud. Other muddy areas deceptively cover ice, creating slippery surfaces. The text is symbolic of this zone: full of unforeseen consequences and misplaced steps.